Excellent service has always been a core value of the JURA brand. To ensure the longevity of our products, we maintain a global network of service factories, Hospitality Centers and authorised service centres.

Driven by a focus on high-quality service provision, we are continually developing our customer support and service activities. Our aim is to ensure that our customers can continue to enjoy their JURA product with minimal interruption. If a customer has any questions, a conversation with a member of our customer support team often solves the problem. But if a product needs to be serviced, we aim to transform the problem into a positive experience for our customers with professionalism and transparency. The outstanding level of service provided by the Glass Service Centre at our headquarters is the perfect example.

Here we celebrate everything that makes JURA’s customer service what it is – from reception and the diagnostic programme to the work of our service groups and the presentation of the serviced coffee machines. With the 2-hour, half-day and same-day service, we help keep JURA coffee machines running (almost) without interruption. And with our 24/7 service we are always there for our customers, even outside normal opening hours. 

Whoever chooses a JURA coffee machine also chooses excellent service. We want this to prove to our customers that they made the right choice. And when the time comes to purchase a replacement, our goal is to ensure that a JURA coffee machine is only ever replaced by another JURA coffee machine.